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It had been a few years since my last supernatural encounter. The thought of ghosts and things that go bump in the night, had been replaced by real threats. War had sent me away, and my mind was not set on thinking of the supernatural, instead I was busy thinking of the moment I was in. At night, my worry was not seeing apparitions, it was seeing through the dark and making sure that what I saw was not something that could physically harm me.

After I returned, my mind began to wonder again, the supernatural realm had never left, I just learned to ignore it. My first experience was during a visit to my in laws. I had always felt at peace in their home, never did I worry about having apparitions.

I was visiting my in laws with my 10 month old daughter. We stayed for about a month. We slept in my husbands old room which had been set up for when my husband and I visit. I always had issues with sleeping after coming back from Afghanistan. I would spend countless hours surfing the web until my mind was to tired and I was able to drift away into a nice dreamless sleep. I was sitting up in bed, my daughter asleep in her pack and play, when the television turned on by itself, the volume at full blast. My reaction was to immediately turn it off. I didn’t want the baby to wake up. When I turned it off, I realized that there was no exact explanation as to why the television turned on. My father in law tried to find a reason but he couldn’t quite explain it. After a few seconds of processing the idea that I might have been haunted once again, the lights in the room began to flicker. I was not afraid, I was more intrigued over the whole situation, as it had been over 6 years since my last supernatural encounter. I can say I didn’t really sleep that night.

The next day, I left to visit my son in Tennessee. I drove 4 hours to see my son and stayed over a friend’s house. I came back to my in laws’ house 3 days later. When I arrived, my mother in law sat me down and offered me coffee. I took it, after all I had been driving since 4 in the morning. She proceeded to tell me the incidents that occurred after I left, as I heard the stories I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that this was happening in my in laws’ house.

She proceeded to tell me the events that occurred the day after I left. My father in law and mother in law were in the kitchen feeding my daughter breakfast. My father in law left the kitchen to use the bathroom on the first floor next to the living room. When he approached the living room, the television was on. He called back to my mother in law to ask if she had turned it on. She said she had not been in the living room since last night. He then proceeded to turn it off. He went to the restroom and left to go upstairs to the bedroom. After feeding my daughter breakfast, my mother in law went to the living room to turn on a kids show for my daughter. When she walked into the living room, the television was once again on, she asked her husband if he had left the television on. He replied that the television was turned off. My mother in law said that after that day, she moved my daughter’s pack and play to their room because she was afraid to leave her alone.

I don’t know if the televisions were turned on because of supernatural experiences or if there is a logical explanation to these tales, but I know for sure that they happened and I still have experiences now and again. My grandmother used to tell me that I had a virtue, that attracts the supernatural and the realm of the beyond. I have always been more keen to these, and I hope that my daughter or son don’t have these experiences, mainly because no one does believe until they experience it for themselves.poltergeist-tv