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I feel isolated being in Alaska. We don’t get the wave of news that the lower 48 has. Watching the news or reading the newspaper, is like watching an episode from Law and Order. Sometimes I am glad about the lack of news streaming from Alaska.
I feel like the protective bubble will explode once I arrive to the lower 48 for the Holidays. I have the ability to look at both sides of a story because we are away from it all. Daily life continues as the norm in our streets and the news is but a distant whisper to us. Yes it does still affect us, but is very minimal. We are more concerned with the earthquakes and snow, than we are about everything else.
I hate to turn on the news, there is so much biased hate, and it is sad to see the world influenced by it. I sat down and watched the news on Tuesday, it was very hard to absorb the images that were coming through. How sad to see the world burn. I have read countless articles, blogs, and watched CNN and FOX. I concluded that the media is a bad influence, adding to the boiling hatred and causing more harm than good. In this case I don’t blame the cop or the civilian that got shot, in this case I blame the media for stewing a world of hate between people. I have never seen so many people remove friendships over opinions on a social media page. The lack of care by the media has torn friends and families.
I don’t expect for people to resolve their conflicts created by media. Mainly because the media wont stop as long as it gets ratings. I wont take sides because I wasn’t there and I don’t know the whole story, neither does the media. But they will show what they know and twist it for ratings and for reaction. I hope that the world we live in changes for the sake of my children’s future. I am one to stand up and say, I will not be influenced on my beliefs by the media. I will not let the media fabricate my opinions or try to influence how I portray the world.
To me the world is colorless, and I am teaching my children that they are colorless and what matters is whats inside and the personality. I treat people the way I want to be treated without expecting anything in return. We shouldn’t live in a world of hate, it just darkens our soul and doesn’t let us see the beauty in humanity.