For the sake of Christmas,  I am going to share the curious case of the Gingerbread House.

My son, now 7, lives half of the time with me and half with his father. We spend every other Christmas together. When he was 3 it was our turn to spend the holidays with us. We decided not to travel and spend it at home just my husband, my son, the cat, and myself.

It was a big thing for us because it was my husband’s first Christmas with my son. We decided to do special crafts and make it a fun holiday. We began celebrating a week before, baking Christmas cookies, building stockings, buying presents for each other and finally, building a Rudolph at Build a Bear. By the way that Rudolph is his favorite buddy and never leaves without him.

the day before Christmas Eve, we decided to purchase a Ginger Bread House Kit. We were going to build it on Christmas Eve while we waited for Santa. My son was so excited, neither of us had built a gingerbread house so it was a new experience for all.

We ate dinner while the gingerbread house sat in the middle atop the lazy susan. My son asking every question possible.

“how does it stick together?”

” how are cookies made in the shape of houses”

” are we gonna eat it? or give it to santa?”

“Can I lick the frosting afterwards”

We decided to go to bed because we were planning a sled day in the morning. I put Kitty, yes our cat’s name is Kitty, in the bedroom with us because she had a tendency to destroy Christmas ornaments. We all went to bed with the excitement of building our first gingerbread house.

The next morning, I awoke to my cat purring wanting to go use her litter box. I let her out and went downstairs to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine. As I was planning breakfast, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, the ginger bread house was not there. Suspecting my three year old,  I went into his room very quietly, I opened the door and checked his room from the doorway, no ginger bread house. I went to our bedroom and asked my husband if he moved the house last night. He confirmed that he did not move the house. I began looking in the cupboards downstairs and even  blamed the cat.

My three year old son walked downstairs complaining of a stomach ache. I stopped my search for the gingerbread house and began taking care of him. I am a medic so my first thing is to make an assessment on my child. As heists down on the chair to let me look at him. he said he needed to poop.

My husband calls me from upstairs, he said I needed to quickly come upstairs. As I walked up I noticed him standing in the doorway of our son’s room. He had a smirk and was trying not to laugh.

He asked, “Did you find the Gingerbread House?”

I told him I had stopped because our son had a stomachache. He than proceeded to laugh. He pointed into his room, I had to walk all the way in and go around my son’s bed to find a 75% eaten gingerbread house, a box hidden under his blanket, and a cat licking the frosting from the side of his sheets.

I asked my son why he had eaten the house. His Answer…..

“I was hungry and you were asleep”

We no longer buy Gingerbread Houses