It has been a while since I wrote anything important in my blog. It isn’t because there was nothing to talk about; it was because so many people were expressing their feeling in regards to the national news. I spent time analyzing and putting my thoughts together before I wrote about this popular topic.

Before I get into the way I feel or even what I think, I want to tell you about my background, I believe people’s backgrounds can influence the way they feel about situations like these.

I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles; majority of the population was either Black or Hispanic. I came from a poor but hard working mother and father. My father and mother both migrated from their countries. My mother was escaping unjust prosecution by both sides of the war. She was obligated to leave her businesses and my grandmother was forced to leave her restaurant chain due to the civil war in her country. My father was looking to make a better living to take care of his parents. They both came here with nothing on their backs. My mother spent weeks looking for any job that would pay her anything. She saved every penny she had and was able to get a home for her and my siblings. My father did some college and worked 12hr shifts at restaurants as a dishwasher. My mother still works hard even though she is 62yrs old. She is a seamstress and gets paid between 10 cents and 25 cents for garments that will later be sold for 25 dollars. My father had a factory job assembling furniture; he was there for 13 yrs., and 10 in his prior job. He was then laid off because the company needs younger individuals. Now, he works at a Pollo Loco. Why? Well there aren’t any jobs in Los Angeles County for a 60 yr. old man. Everyone would rather hire a younger person than a man with experience.

My mother made 9000 dollars a yr. and my father well he made between 20000 and 25000 a year.

When my father divorced my mother, we were obligated to move to a smaller home. MY mother was able to find a 3-bedroom townhome that required a lot of repairs. We lasted 3 yrs. in that home. My mother was unable to pay rent so we moved into a 1 bedroom. Imagine 2 girls, my grandmother and my mother in a 1-bedroom apartment. This entire struggle my mother never asked for welfare. When she needed more to feed us, she would go to food banks. She refused to use the government assistance that was offered and that she could apply for. It wasn’t until my last yr. of high school that she was unable to feed us and pay rent that she applied for food stamps. She used 5 months of assistance and then she stopped.

I am explaining my parents’ situation because of a video I saw in regards to this whole immigration reform. I am divided on the issue, I have worked with many immigrants that are hard working and do contribute to the government and pay taxes. Then I have worked with citizens of this state that feel entitled to things. I feel that those who feel they have entitlements are the people that need to be addressed. I am appalled by the racism in this country. So many Citizens think that illegal immigrants are lazy, and use up benefits from the government. The funny thing is that in order to receive ANY benefits like food stamps, welfare, and medical aid, you need to be legally here. In other words these illegal immigrants are working their asses off in jobs that no self-entitled American would. How many US citizens are willing to go work 12 hrs. to pick fruits and vegetables at the current minimum wage? How many would do my mother’s job? How many Americans would clean Macy’s at minimum wage at 3 in the morning? Not one American that I know would…. they are already nagging about flipping burgers for a minimum wage. By the way I said minimum wage in my questions, but the reality is that even these illegal immigrants don’t get paid the minimum wage they get less. Yet they can still provide for their families. I understand immigration reform is hard to determine I think they need to enforce whom they allow through the border; a lot of people are using this open border to cross that can cause damage to the US. Don’t be racist about the topic.

Now to the next topic affecting these wonderful states. Yes Lives matter, but don’t use a person that has a criminal background as your poster child. The people need to understand that is not about racism, it is about power. They do it to all colored and all white individuals. Than again that being said, not all cops are bad, not all blacks are thugs and not everyone is out to get you. It is not the fault of the government that success is not at your door.

I lived in a poor environment; I went to a public school that didn’t have enough books for every student. I was threatened, bullied and I even was robbed in school. None of these things stopped me. I was determined to be successful. I never gave up I took every opportunity that was open to me. I then applied to 20 schools all over the country. Guess what happened, I got accepted to NYU, UC Davis Cal State San Bernardino, Los Angeles, LSU and other great universities. Being Hispanic, coming from a messed up background with gang violence and bad influences never stopped me, because I learned that it is MY life and I am responsible for my own future not the government, not the white community not even my own parents. IT is up to me to make the best of what life gives us. People who blame others are just finding excuses to give up on themselves because they cant accept the consequences of their decisions.

After reading and now writing about these two popular topics, I can conclude that the media influences many people and they can change the way people feel about things. Let’s make our own research and make our own conclusions of a topic and instead of spreading hate, lets learn to accept the color of people’s skin and admit that there are bad apples in every batch.