Although I grew up in California, I NEVER WANT TO LIVE THERE AGAIN!

I have been out of California for quite some time, in the 10 yrs I have been out, I spent a whole year back. I hated the entire yr.

Why do I hate California so much?

Well Lets see….


Upon my return to visit this past December, I was greeted with this enormous stench of a mixture of cigarette smell and piss. Yes  I said it piss! It was disgusting. I wanted to puke. The smog made me nauseous. I Asked myself, how did I live in this place for so long?


Every time I hit traffic! No matter the darn time of day, I hit traffic. Seriously 2 hrs to travel 10 miles?  It was so bad I had an anxiety attack in the middle of traffic in Westwood!


There are to many people that care about how they look but not how they act. Theres a lot of people who are not nice, rude and inconsiderate.

People don’t care how their city looks, it is looking trashier and trashier overtime I visit. I no longer want to visit because people don’t seem to care of how their town looks or smells!

It is funny I love my family but I was so discusted by the way LA looks now. I told my family they needed to get out of that dump. There are way more beautiful cities out there. Family wise I would never consider LA as my home. I lived in different states and to be honest I don’t see LA as beautiful, it has become a dump.

When we boarded the plane two weeks later, I felt sad that my home had become a dump. I was ready to go back to Alaska. I don’t recall LA being a dump growing up, the city, the lights, the noise, were all just part of my life and I embraced it. Now that I have lived outside of it, you can see that it has no beauty, I would rather have the quiet peaceful small city than the big noisy one.