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My sister and I had a very interesting conversation two days ago. She is very shy about her personal life, but when it comes to the hilarious parts of her life, she doesn’t mind me sharing. Before I begin telling her hilarious adventures, I should give you a small background about her.

My sister is two years older than me. She has had a very shy love life. She was with her baby’s father for almost 6 yrs and she had maybe two serious relationships after that. Her love life is not the best. She has what we call bad luck with men.

Well she called me and informed me that she had decided to date again after 4 yrs of being single. I was amazed and congratulated her, she stopped me mid sentence, she said don’t celebrate to soon. Her night began with a wonderful dinner, her date was sweet and a gentleman. They decided to go bar hopping and they ended up at his place. Things got steamy really quick, they were enjoying each other, then the unspeakable happened…. he couldn’t function. His soldier was no longer at attention. For several minutes, that seemed an eternity to my sister, they tried to get the heat going again. Sadly, nothing happened. She ask the guy to take her home. On the way to her house they got rear ended.

You think that was the last of that night…..Nope.

When they arrived to her house, they noticed the police was around her house. She rushed to see what was all the commotion. Her vehicle that was parked in the street had been hit by a drunk driver.

Oh what a night for my sister.

The next morning, the tow truck driver, who was friends with my sister, invited her on a date. She had been asked by this guy before several times, after the night she had, my sister agreed to go on a date. They went out to eat and to have some drinks. They went to his house and spent several hours chitchatting and getting to know each other. My sister and the guy got steamy, she decided she was going to get laid. The only problem was, the guy had a very small package which did not deliver. Her disappointment was huge.

She vowed to stay single again. She has had several bad luck moments since she began dating, it just seems that they get worse every time she tells me a story. When I was single, I never had so many bad experiences. After laughing about her anecdote, I finally told her that maybe she needed a spiritual cleanse. No one person has this much bad luck. I decided for Christmas she will receive a match.com account, maybe the greatest dating site can break the bad luck streak she has accumulated. Until then, she will have to stay single.